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Singapore HDB Loan Eligibility
HDB Loan

Your Ultimate Guide to Checking Your HDB Loan Eligibility

Buying a home is a major life investment, and for many Singaporeans, the Housing Development Board (HDB) loan is often the most popular option to finance their first property purchase. However, before you start scouring the property market, it’s important to first confirm your eligibility for the HDB loan. In this article, we’ll guide you through the essential criteria that you need to fulfil to check if you qualify for an HDB loan.

Citizenship Status

The primary criterion for eligibility is your citizenship status. HDB loans are exclusively reserved for Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents. If you’re a Foreigner looking to purchase a home in Singapore, you’ll need to seek alternative financing options through private banks in Singapore.


Age is an important marker for HDB loan eligibility as HDB has imposed maximum age restrictions for loan approval. The minimum age requirement is 21 years old and the maximum age for loan approval is usually 65 years old. This means that as of the date of application, the sum of your loan tenure and age cannot exceed 65 years. However, if you’re applying with your spouse, only one of you needs to fulfill the age requirements.

Income Ceiling

Your total gross income is another key factor that affects your ability to secure an HDB loan. HDB imposes income ceilings for the HDB loan eligibility. Currently, the income ceiling is capped at $14,000 per month for families and $7,000 per month for singles. Do note that only salaries earned within Singapore can be counted for HDB loan eligibility.

Financial Standing

For the HDB loan, financial standing is assessed through a Credit Bureau Singapore (CBS) report. CBS assesses an individual’s credit history and credit utilization and produces a report that reflects their credit score. By assessing your credit score, HDB can determine your financial responsibility and credit-worthiness for loan approval.

Existing Property Ownership

Lastly, it’s important to know that HDB would consider your existing property ownership status. If you currently own a private residential property in Singapore or overseas, or have disposed of any such properties in the past 30 months, you will not be eligible for the HDB loan.


Overall, it’s important to meet the criteria set by HDB for eligibility in order to secure an HDB loan. As with any financial decision, ensure thorough research and financial planning to know what loan would best suit your needs. Understanding your HDB loan eligibility is the first step on the path to homeownership. If you have questions about your HDB loan eligibility, do not hesitate to contact SU Credit for guidance and recommendations.

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