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5 Considerations Before Applying For A Loan

When you haven’t attained financial freedom, it can be easy to take up loans. However, there are some considerations that you need to make before taking up a loan. When you need money you can easily fall victim to loan sharks. Therefore, consider being careful before agreeing to any terms.

Also, you need to know how to differentiate between legit moneylenders and loan sharks who at times don’t even care about your well-being. They only care about you agreeing to take the loan and then demanding it aggressively afterward.

To be on the safer side always take up a loan from a licensed moneylender like SU Credit company. Do thorough research to settle on the best moneylender with the best interest rate and repayment plan.

1.      Your Credit Score

Your credit score or credit history gives any lender confidence that you can be able to pay up a loan on time without any kind of delays. The better your credit score, the better chances you have of getting the loans.

Therefore, always strive to take up a loan from one money lending company and pay on time. At times, if you take up too many loans from different money lending companies you may be termed clumsy. The interest rate will increase with time, and you might even find it hard to pay it back on time.

You can also consider debt consolidation to have all your debts in place and pay them one by one. Also, when you get a loan, always check the interest rate so that you can determine whether you can pay the loan on time to prevent loan defaults that will affect your credit score.

If you have a poor credit score, discuss with the moneylenders to give you a loan regardless with enough evidence that you will pay on time.

2.      Current Income

Before taking up a loan, check your income. Can you comfortably pay up the loan and have enough money left for your monthly expenses? If the money is too little, then consider taking up a smaller loan that will make it easier for you to pay it without straining too much.

Also, if you have just lost your job, don’t take up a loan that you know you won’t be able to pay on time if you don’t get a job soon. You will also need to provide proof of income before you are given a loan.

Therefore, ensure you provide enough proof for the company to trust you. The bank statements will play a huge role in showing your income range and the moneylender will have confidence in you.

3.     The Debt Payments Requirement

It is vital to settle on the debt payments that you will need to make each month. Therefore, try and evaluate different licensed money lending companies and the repayment period they give for their loans and the interest rates.

Most loan application processes are simple, and you won’t sweat when doing it.  You can choose from different loan types like personal loans, business loans, and unsecured loans.

Also, try to check the terms and conditions on the website so that you don’t miss out on an important detail that may be used against you when you default payment.

4.      Interest Rates

If possible, before you take up a loan try and use a calculator to see the amount that you will pay when you take up a loan of a certain amount. This is to prevent you from being caught off guard. Also, don’t be in a rush to just settle on a moneylender, do your research well to get the best deals in your region.

Just ensure there are no hidden fees. Good money lending companies will show you the fees that you will pay upfront before getting the loan. So it will be easier to make a decision. Also, check the length of the loans to see whether your financial position will allow you to pay the debt on time. It also depends on your financial position.

In the case that you took a student loan, you are assured that you will be given a longer time to pay the loan unlike when you get a loan when employed. Also, try to check whether the company offers any sort of interest discounts and at what point.

5.      Your Financial Situation

Another thing to consider is your financial situation. What amount do you need to cater to your needs? It won’t be fair if you take up a loan that won’t cater to all your needs. Try to have a write-up of all your financial needs so that when you request money you get the whole of it.

That’s why it is important to know how much you use in a month to make it easier to know the money you need for a certain period. Also, what are your monetary habits? Are you the kind who pays loans on time?

This will help make it easier to pay for loans on time. Also, try to avoid excessive use of credit and maintain a low balance. Furthermore, always review the credit reports regularly and dispute any issues on them.


A moneylender always checks your credit, income status, employment status, debt to income ratio, the value of the collateral if you are taking up a secured loan, and any other assets. Therefore, if you have expensive assets, consider thinking twice before actually taking a loan that may make you lose a really valuable asset.

These assets may include a car, home, business assets, and other valuable equipment. Therefore, always ensure you consider everything before approaching a reliable money lending company. Also, research is really important if you want to get the best deals and associate with an amazing money lending company.

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