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What will happen if you don’t repay your loan

People take unsecured loans for several reasons — from financial emergencies to medical expenses to home renovations to honeymoon budgets. If you’re taking an unsecured loan, it’s probably because you’re low on your savings. However, it should always be an unsecured loan you are in a position to repay. When you take an unsecured loan, […]

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legal money lender

8 Reasons Why You Should Borrow From A Licensed Money Lender

Are you short on money and intend to borrow from a money lender in Singapore? Most people decide to take out bank loans when they don’t have enough money to cover their expenses. However, banks often have a more stringent and complex approval process, which may not be beneficial if you require money quickly. If […]

legal money lender

What Is A Legal Money Lender?

A legal money lender is registered with a regulatory agency and must be licensed to give out loans and services. What this means is that they are bound to follow the already set rules and regulations by the government, among other factors.  A look into what is the difference between licensed moneylenders and banks. Typically, […]

legal money lender

How Do I Know If A Loan Company Is Licensed?

Seeking financial assistance from moneylenders in Singapore may be a catastrophe if correct decisions are not made. Consider first if the moneylenders are licensed or not licensed before any loan application. Licensed moneylenders are registered by the government and strictly follow policies set by the government. Their interests are pretty standard and straightforward since all […]

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legal money lender

Disadvantages of Taking a Loan from “Loan Shark”

Loan sharks are illegal money lenders operating in Singapore and usually target poor and desperate borrowers. As compared to the recommended licensed moneylender, they pretend to be the best lenders that you can ever get. They attempt to lure you into borrowing with them by being friendly and offering very attractive terms when the bank […]